Technology Makes Home Security Systems Smarter Than Burglars

Technology makes home security systems smarter than burglars, since this is the only real thing that protects the house from these criminals getting in and stealing the family’s possessions. The home alarm system today has features that make it impossible for a burglar to stop it from alerting police, when it is a home security alarm with monitoring. Any other type of home alarm is just that it is an alarm that sounds loudly in the house, but does nothing else to stop the burglar. This does not do a lot stop burglars, since neighbors don’t even blink an eye any longer when an alarm goes off, because so many car alarms go off for no reason. This has made alarm systems ineffective for protecting the residence, plus most families have two working adults, which means if a burglar strikes during the day the neighborhood is mostly empty. This is why the monitored home alarm is best protection against break-ins for every household.

The home alarm with monitoring is different, it does not depend on neighbors to call the authorities, instead as soon as the alarm is triggered it calls the monitoring center, where trained operators will receive the call and alert the authorities. This is one positive thing that stops burglars, but the smart criminal will cut the telephone lines, which means that the phone in the house will not work when the alarm system attempts to call the monitoring center. Technology has taken care of this also, because the home security system with monitoring is able to use a cell phone to make the call when the home phone does not work properly. This will mean the authorities are still alerted and the burglar has a high risk of being caught, while the alarm is going off inside of the house.

There is one thing about this criminal element, they keep up on the different types of home security systems and when they see the decals and yard sign displayed that will tell them it is more than just an alarm that sounds in the residence and the risk of being caught is high. That tells them to skip this house and look for one that does not have a home security alarm.

Technology has also made the home alarm with monitoring easier for the family to arm and disarm with the keychain keypad. This is a small device that can be carried and used to arm and disarm the home security system, plus it can turn lights on in the house. It is easy enough to use that family members of all ages can use this and it will mean the home alarm is always armed when the family leaves the house. Burglars don’t stand a chance against this type of home alarm, because of technology that is staying one step and at times two or three steps ahead of the criminal element that wants nothing more than to get in and steal the family’s possessions.