The Newer Technology in Home Security

The new look of home security not only means having a home security system, it also means having the other things that make a home secure that technology has made possible. Items such as keyless door pads instead of a door lock, that means no more giving keys out to the children and being concerned they might loose them and not be able to get in the house while the adults are not home.

This door lock works on fingerprints to unlock, that by its self is unique and what makes it secure is the fact there is no lock to be picked, no keys to give out to babysitters or anyone else that needs to enter the home at certain times. It means that when coming home after dark there is no key to try to find the slot in the lock and that means getting in the house faster and not being a target.

No matter how safe a neighborhood is, it is only safe until there is a criminal incident, it should not be a break-in in a family’s home. When the home is protected with a home security system, a keyless door pad and other security items the chance of a break-in is diminished to almost no chance.

Some of the other home security items that can be used to protect a home are outdoor lighting; a well lit home is not one that screams its open house to a burglar. There are lights that can be hard wired into the home or there are lights that work with a motion sensor that only come on when someone or something passes by this sensor that are known as dusk to dawn lights.

One of the other items can be used inside the home as well as outside the home for protection and to allow the homeowner to know what goes on in their home when they are not there and that is the use of cameras. Cameras can be placed outside the home for protection from strangers and they can be placed inside the home to allow insight into what goes on when the babysitter is in charge, a repairman is in the home or a person in to clean. To some people they may feel it is an invasion of the persons who is being seen on the camera, but to a homeowner who has the need to have these non-family members in their home it is an added way to protect the home and family. It is also a benefit to help the homeowner relax while away on vacation, because at any time they are able to see what is going on at their home on their computer while away on vacation.

These are a few of the items that can be used to make a home more secure and a family safer and that is what is most important is to be safe and secure at home. In a time when home break-ins are on the rise and occurring more often when the family is at home there is no amount of protection that should not be used to keep a family safe and a house protected.